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What a Difference a Day Makes ......

..... so the song goes. "24 little hours".

Well, the difference the day had made since yesterday was leaden skies, temperatures 10° Celsius cooler, blustery showers and muddy, rather than dusty, shoes. But, after sweltering through the last week chained to the office desk whilst looking longingly out of the window and dreaming of epic days of long-distance trekking, we were going for a walk today come what may.

Given the forecast, we decided on a half-day circuit combining Faxton, Lamport and Scaldwell, a route frequently walked when we have 3 hours or so to spare (and which will be published to the site soon). For once, the forecast was unerringly accurate, with frequent showers blowing through that we could see approaching from a distance.

Rain showers approaching

Ten minutes from home a final squall hit, which proved to be the most persistent of the morning. No matter though, we still enjoyed the outing even if we returned home soaked.

The showers may have dampened our clothes but not our spirits.

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