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Recent talk of air bridges and reciprocal agreements on quarantine has raised the prospect of foreign travel again. Normally, this would be greeted with unbridled enthusiasm, but with Covid-19 still very much in evidence and instant local lockdowns a more-than-distinct possibility, leaving the UK at the moment seems filled with uncertainty.

The recent pandemic has been responsible for much sadness and suffering, and had a far-reaching impact still to be fully understood. But besides the negatives there have been upsides too, one of which is that we have turned our attentions closer to home, supporting friends and neighbours in the community, championing local businesses, getting creative with new pastimes and learning new skills.

This focus on the immediate locale has extended to our walks as well. True, the nature around us may not be as grand as the Grand Canyon or as great as the Great Barrier Reef, but it does have its own merits, as this photo, taken from a field near Scaldwell, amply illustrates.

A gentle amble through nearby fields may not set the pulse racing quite like the thrill of an exotic foreign trip does, but for an hour or two on a bright, blustery Sunday morning it’ll do very nicely.

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